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Life is challenging. Just about everyone struggles to improve some aspect of his or her life, but often doesn’t know where to turn for help. People yearn for a deeper sense of purpose, greater self-esteem, more harmonious relationships, better ways of coping with stress, more joy, and less worry. Psychotherapists guide people to overcome emotional stumbling blocks and create peaceful and satisfying lives, but, for a number of reasons, a great many people never seek professional help. While not intended as a substitute for personal psychotherapy, LifeSpa will offer advice and guidance to help its listeners find more joy, meaning, and peace in their lives. Drawing on psychological theory and spiritual approaches, the LifeSpa podcasts will explore topics ranging from body image, to stress management, to beating the blues, and just about everything else that we encounter in the process of being human.

Use the interactive blog to let me know the topics and concerns that matter most to you. I’ll be sure to create the podcasts that you want to hear!

By Dr. Marla Cohen 12/13/2006 07:53 PM

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