About the Show

The LifeSpa podcast, hosted by psychologist Dr. Marla Cohen, will focus on the best that the field of psychology has to offer. Addressing topics such as stress management, body image, relationship enhancement, and beating the blues, the Lifespa podcasts will guide you on your journey toward psychological and spiritual growth. Want to improve your life from the inside out? Then tune in, and chill out in the LifeSpa.


Dr. Marla Cohen

Dr. Marla Cohen is a clinical psychologist with nearly twenty years of professional experience in the field of emotional wellness and mental health. Dr. Cohen runs a thriving private practice in Southern New Jersey, providing individual, group, and couples’ psychotherapy. She is well trained in a wide variety of psychological theories and approaches, blending the best techniques with her wisdom, humor, and strong spirituality. She is committed to helping others on their journeys toward authenticity and personal growth. Dr. Cohen has been named Who’s Who in American Executives and Professionals (2004), and Who’s Who in Health Service Providers (2006).