Authenticity: Knowing Yourself

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Shakespeare urged, “to thine own self be true,” but sometimes we need a little help and encouragement to find and show our truest selves. This week of podcasts will help you discover and express all of the unique qualities that make you who you are. Join me in this very special week in the Lifespa—you’ll be glad you did.

By Dr. Marla Cohen 04/10/2007 07:48 AM

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  1. Diana wrote on 05/04/2007 01:11 PM

    Your voice is very expressive and soothing. It gives the listener comfort and encouragement along with very positive thoughts to carry throughout the day. There is much to think about in the Authenticity Episodes. The written exercises add more clarity for the individual and are easy to understand and follow. Those who participate have much to gain. With much affection, Diana

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