Out of Hiding

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I admit, I struggled to post this today. I haven’t been here in the Lifespa for several years. During that time, I have been dedicated to growing a new business venture, and juggling the joys and responsibilities of family life. Since my last post so many moons ago, I became a founder and managing partner of Your Center, LLC, (www.yourcenterllc.com), an integrated wellness center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I maintain a thriving private practice there, where I see individual therapy clients, lead groups, and conduct workshops. In addition, after being a single mom to my two beautiful daughters for several years, my girls and I have joined forces with the love of my life, Todd, and his two amazing sons. Now my house and heart are as full as my busy schedule. In many ways, I am not the person I was back in 2007 when I last updated this site, and there are many moments from that earlier time; making my way through a painful divorce and negotiating the dark alleys of the dating world; that I’d prefer to forget. As I look back over my old blog posts, I see one hearkening back to a time when my ex-husband and I were together, and another dedicated to a man I was dating that I’d rather pretend I never knew. When I felt my creative juices starting to bubble up again, my first impulse was to start a new site on a brand new page free from any reminders of those difficult years. But then I thought twice.

We are always, each of us, everything we have become based on everything we have ever been. We are each a constellation of lessons learned, mistakes made, and attempts failed, as much as we are dreams discovered and challenges overcome. When we stand in the clearing of our lives, especially after spending some lost time in the thorny brush of confusion and pain, we often don’t want to look back. We see the bright road ahead and want to move forward, skipping joyfully as we leave the past behind. To do this, however, is to deny a part of our journey. We can not fully enjoy the successes and gifts that life brings us without viewing them in the context of our struggles and losses. To be whole, and real, we must recognize the shadowy as well as the sunny sides of our selves, and the paths we’ve been down. My work is about helping the people I treat view themselves with loving, non-judgmental acceptance. I certainly can’t teach what I don’t have the courage to model. So, here I am, back in the Lifespa. I hope you’ll join me here.

By Dr. Marla Cohen 03/11/2013 02:12 PM

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