Sarah ain't my sister

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Ok, it’s no secret that mum’s been my word on this site for over a year now. I’ve been busy as a single mom with a packed practice, and it’s rare that I’m awake at the times when I would once have been writing or recording. I keep promising myself I’ll get back to it, but those promises made to self are often the first we break. Today, though, I have snapped out of my malaise and am called to this action. It seems that despite my letting this sleeping dog lie, people are still visiting LifeSpa. So, if people are still coming, then maybe I can touch a little corner of the world. I watched Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the democratic convention last night with tears in my eyes, and zeal in my heart. It was stirring, uplifting, and held the promise of hope for the nation that would have been if JFK had survived, if Bobby Kennedy had lived to lead us, if Gore had won in 2000 as he should have. I watched, and I felt like I had back in college in DC when I marched on Washington for many of the bleeding heart causes I then supported (and still do). I felt the long silent stirrings of a time that I still believed in the possibility of change, before my dreams were dashed and cynicism filled in the spaces where idealism once played. I said aloud, “I love this guy!” and remembered that just two days earlier, when watching Hilary Clinton deliver her endorsement, I’d asked “Now, why couldn’t she have been our candidate?” The truth is, I was so busy signing my membership card to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits, that I neglected to see that perhaps in this case, it is a man who is the best woman for the job. So now, I’m appealing to any sister who might be naive enough to believe that Sarah Palin is the women’s candidate. Let’s not let her pretty smile and her beauty queen background fool us, Ms. Palin is just another good old boy from the grand ol’ party. John McCain chose her as a running mate because she, like him, has strong conservative values. She is pro intelligent design, anti-gay marriage, anti-environment and pro big business. She is, after all, a Republican. I don’t wish to raise a partisan argument here. I realize that my values aren’t everyone’s values. Conservatives should vote conservative, I won’t try to stop you. But McCain also chose Sarah Palin to appeal to women voters who would otherwise have voted for Hilary Clinton. Perhaps, he is trying to appeal to the “violent femme,” contingency, thinking that man-hating women and the feminist fold would pick ovaries over testicles in any battle. Maybe he thinks we’re just not smart enough to get it—that we would all be foolish enough to believe that a vote for Palin is a plug for girl power. Let us make no mistake, Sarah Palin is not the women’s candidate, Sarah Palin is anti-WOMAN. She is anti-choice, even in cases of rape and incest. Ms. Palin chose to give birth to and raise a child with Down’s Syndrome. It is a choice I applaud and admire. It is a choice I myself would have made if faced with such a decision, but it is, and should be, a woman’s choice. Ms. Palin threatens the future of all women by being part of a government that would deny the right of all women to govern our own bodies. Ms. Palin believes that Big Daddy Government knows best, and that the men in power should decide how women live in their own bodies. That woman is no sister of mine.

By Dr. Marla Cohen 08/29/2008 01:33 PM

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  1. Teresa Van Eps wrote on 01/05/2009 10:27 PM

    I have to say that all though I am late, I love this piece. I made phone calls for the Hillary Clinton party. I have jumped on the band wagon partly due to the sisterhood. I am a mother of 4 daughters, how could I NOT support a woman for President? I too was disappointed when she lost. BUT I, like you, had tears in my eyes the night that our President-Elect accepted his nomination. I am so excited for our Country and the change to come. I hope other Americans can come around and realize that we ALL need to work together in order to get this Country moving in the right direction again. Imagine America being respected like we used to be-and all because we weren't afraid of a little word call change. Thanks for putting your voice out there Dr. Cohen.

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